Pay-Per-Click Advertising

75% of searchers never scroll past the first page of returned search results*

Pay Per Click advertising instantly puts your business in front of people that are searching on Google. Nearly everyone starts their search online. Having an effective PPC campaign makes sure your business comes up when people search in your area for what you do. Our team of certified Google AdWords professionals carefully chooses the words you come up for to make sure you get the kind of exposure you want.

Get Immediate Results with Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Google Premier SMB Partner

Google Premier SMB Partner

Google trusts us to help its customers and they give us the resources to do it right.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising gets you exposure where it matters

Show up where it matters.

Your money is spent wisely on ads displayed on only the top paid search networks.

Paid Search Marketing gets you targeted leads

Get Targeted Leads

Your personalized keyword strategy targets the types of business you want.

Paid Search Marketing matches your business with relevant searches

Be relevant

Flexible targeting options make sure your ads are tailored to match your business to the most relevant searches.

Pay-per-click Advertising maximizes your ROI

Maximize your ROI

Expert campaign managers make sure your ads appear in the position that gets you the greatest return.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing keeps your phone ringing

Your phone keeps ringing

Paid search marketing lets you spend your budget throughout the month so your phone keeps ringing, all month.

Paid Search Marketing that is optimized by our Certified Ad Professionals

See things keep getting better.

Our Certified AdWord Professionals are always working to make your campaign get better and better.

Customized Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing - Step 1

We work with you to set PPC advertising goals.

You tell us the types of business you want, and where you want your customers to be.

Paid Search Marketing - Step 2

We pick the best words to describe what you do.

As your PPC agency, it’s our job to bring you the most bang for your buck. Our AdWords professionals find the right words to explain what you do.

Paid Search Marketing - Step 3

Unique ads are created for your business.

All of the right wheels have to be in motion to make sure your PPC services are as effective as possible. We build out a campaign that makes sure your ads, your keywords and your website all match. It takes a PPC company with experience to get you the highest quality scores.

Your campaign goes live on the most pertinent search networks.

Our partnership with Google, Yahoo, Bing and Superpages gets your business exposure where people are searching and where they are most likely to contact you.

Paid Search Marketing - Step 5

We bid to get you the best placement.

Part of pay-per-click management is making sure you are getting the best clicks for your dollar. We watch your campaign every day to make sure your ads come up in the spot that creates the highest return for your business.

Paid Search Marketing - Step 6

Your account manager stays on top of things.

Broad match, phrase match. What does it all mean? You have a dedicated account manager who provides PPC campaign management by watching your campaign every day. Your campaign is continuously adjusted to get you the best quality contacts.

Your Pay-Per-Click Package
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Custom Written Ads
Bid Management
Lead Capture
Call Recording
Dedicated Account Management
Budget Rebalancing
Regular Performance Reviews
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