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    Legal Lead Generation…we actively promote your law practice on the Web’s most popular search engines and online yellow pages, like Google®, Yahoo!®, AOL®, MSN® and Verizon®.  You receive phone calls and emails from motivated clients already looking for your legal specialties in your area.
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    What types of clients do you value the most? Personal or corporate clients? Do you focus on family, civil, medical malpractice or criminal law? Tell us your legal specialties and we send you qualified law leads who are actively looking for your legal specialties in your area.
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    We don’t just deliver local customer leads for attorneys and lawyers – we show you how hard your program is working for you.

Legal Lead GenerationYour specialty has been chosen by you because the work is loved by you, if you are a criminal defense lawyer. You love being in court, fighting the system, and assisting individuals who need it. Criminal defense is not the most successful legal specialization, but it is significant and pleasing work.

But running a law firm is still a job. Clients are needed by you, and you need to obtain them in a cost effective fashion. But that can be hard to do.

As an attorney running your own company, or as a solo practitioner, we understand you are pitched continuously with schemes and scams for creating business : web site optimization, online lawfirm advertising, legal web directory listings, attorney yellow pages, and more. It is very difficult to know who can deliver valuable legal marketing that will really get your telephone to ring with prospective customers.

The legal advertising landscape is a minefield, and the reasons for this are straightforward — there are lots of solicitors competing for leads, and those leads are perceived as valuable. And for individuals who are accused of a crime need and legal aid in a criminal case, client fees are at least several hundred dollars even for a very simple minor misdemeanor, and frequently several thousand dollars or more for DUIs and felony offenses.

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