Anchor Text 101: The Benefits of Using Anchor Text

Major search engines, like Google, use anchor text as an off-page factor in determining how your website ranks. Learn more about the added benefits of anchor text here!

SEM 101: The Basics of Search Engine Marketing

SEM advertising is the fastest way to drive traffic to your website. Learn more about how SEM can make it easier for customers to find you online!

Should you have a bilingual version of your website?

We here at have a few tips for you so you can decide whether producing bilingual content is worth the investment. Consider the following questions to make the most of your company resources and advertising budget.

Increase Leads Conversions with Visitor Engagement

Increase leads conversion by engaging your online visitors with interesting and relevant content.

Should Social Media Be Your Primary Marketing Strategy?

Should social media be your primary marketing strategy? Consider your audience and their engagement with social networking platforms.

Optimizing Sites to Rank on Bing and Yahoo

If you are optimizing your site to rank well on Google, is it worth it to optimize your website to rank on Bing and Yahoo as well? Read on to learn if optimizing sites to rank well in all three major search engines will improve your online rankings.

Are Press Releases Helpful for Driving Traffic?

Boost your site’s traffic with a press release that delivers an effective message. Keep it simple, and only include the important details… in two pages or less. Get your business moving and stary spreading the news with a press release that says all you need to say.

When It’s Okay to Name Drop

It’s not what you know but who you know—well, more like a combination. When you’re trying to garner traffic to your site, the quality of your content and SEO strategies are only part of the mix for high page rankings.

Creating a Social Media Campaign That Attracts Your Target Audience

Attracting a large number of Facebook “likes” or Twitter followers may boost your ego, but it won’t necessarily boost your brand. How do you attract relevant followers with your social media campaign?

Think Global, Act Local: Place and Internet Search Marketing

Think Global, Act Local: Place and Internet Search Marketing. Savvy small and medium-sized business owners understand the strength of the local appeal.