How to Maximize Your PPC Return on Investment

Maximize your ROI with PPCWhen properly done, pay-per-click marketing, or PPC,  will maximize your return on investment by bringing you new business. PPC is used to help drive traffic to your website and help promote your brand.  It’s a favorite of both large and small businesses alike  as it offers a high return-on-investment (ROI). Since you only pay when a user clicks your ad  and is directed to your website, your company’s ad has the potential to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

In the early days of the internet craze, online writers and marketers would pack their articles and online content full of keywords in an attempt to drive customers to their pages. Since the most relevant page to a particular topic used to be the one where the keyword appeared most frequently, people simply jammed their site with these words in an attempt to achieve high rankings on search engines. Unfortunately, this content was difficult to read and even more difficult to navigate, and people looking to find information or make a purchase on the web often became frustrated and gave up.

If you’re new to PPC, it may seem like an easy concept.  Select a few keywords, write an ad, and watch your sales multiply! However, PPC in today’s world has become much more complex.  Useful features have been developed, and PPC strategies have been tested that will help you to maximize ROI and help you achieve your business objectives.

If you are just getting started, here are some PPC tips to help you achieve the best results from your campaigns:

  • Test Your Copy. It’s easy to test your ad copy to see what works best for your target audience. Write one traditional ad and one slightly more unconventional ad.  Perhaps aim one of your ads to appeal to your audience on an emotional level. Since PPC typically generates fast results, you’ll quickly know which one of your ads works the best.
  • Target a Specific Location. If you live in Connecticut and are in the market for a new car, you don’t want to see ads for an auto dealership in California.  Be specific as to where your ads are being targeted. Location targeting improves sales and it will typically cost you less. For more detailed results, target a specific location within a city to discover your most profitable traffic.
  • Track Your Conversions.  PPC is great for generating ROI because everything can be tracked down to the keyword level. Conversion tracking is when you place a small piece of code in your ad, thank you page, or landing page to record the movements of your website visitors. The recorded data can be used to find out which aspects of your advertising and website design are working and which ones aren’t. With PPC conversion tracking, you’ll be amazed by what you can learn about your customers.

Even with these PPC tips, it may be difficult for you to optimize your campaign, especially if you are also trying to run a profitable business.  To ensure that you are not wasting your advertising budget on targeting options or keywords that don’t work, contact the PPC experts at