How to Easily Customize your LinkedIn URL

Customize Your LinkedIn URLDid you know that you can customize your LinkedIn URL? If you haven’t already done it, make sure that you do it soon! A customized URL is much more memorable to your networking contacts or prospective customers.  There are only a few steps to follow to customize your LinkedIn URL and make it unique to your name or your business name.

By default, all LinkedIn users are assigned a randomly-generated URL address. For example, a randomly-generated URL may look like this:

With just a few taps on your keyboard, you can customize your LinkedIn URL, similar to this:

  • While logged into your LinkedIn account, move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage.
  • Next, select Edit Profile.
  • Click Edit next to the randomly-generated URL under your profile photo.
  • Locate  Your Public Profile URL box, and click Customize Your Public Profile URL.
  • Delete the randomly-generated letters and numbers of your URL and type your new URL name in the text box.
  • Finally, click Set Custom URL.

Your new URL will look something like this-

This URL is much easier to remember and share, making it much more likely that a new contact will successfully locate your profile.

When you customize your LinkedIn URL, make sure to select something that capitalizes on your online brand. LinkedIn profiles are indexed by Google and other major search engines, so here’s your chance to get solid visibility.

Using your name or your business name as your URL is effective, especially if you believe that customers or contacts will search for you by your name.  Other people prefer to use a keyword-based URL.  Think “AustinMarketing” or “BostonDentist”. Since traffic off of search engines is all about keyword-rich text, a LinkedIn URL is no exception.

After you customize your LinkedIn profile, make sure that you update any links to your profile on your website or blog. By following these simple steps, you’re already closer to a fully optimized LinkedIn presence!