Should Social Media Be Your Primary Marketing Strategy?

social mediaAs social media continues to become an integral part of our life, it’s no wonder businesses have jumped on the expanding online stages. Creating a business page to promote products and services is simple, as business owners have discovered effective ways to attract and interact with their clientele.

Marketing Strategies: Solely Social Media?
If networking sites like Facebook® and Twitter® are so popular, is it feasible to rely solely on social media as your primary marketing strategy? Below we discuss what you should consider for your business model.

Reaching Your Demographic
Learn about your potential clients. Spend a few minutes researching your demographic. Where does your target audience go to find products and services? Do they primarily use search engines, social networking sites, or a combination of the two?

Promoting Via Social Media

If a majority use social media sites, a page on a few of these networks may be most effective for your company. This approach is useful for budding companies with a small budget.

Facebook, for instance, allows you to purchase an online ad that targets your chosen region and age range. You can even target users with particular interests, such as “playing baseball” and “reading sci-fi novels.”  Your ad will appear throughout the social networking site on accounts that fit your criteria. This is a great way to spread the word about your company’s products and services, leading to Likes and user engagement.

Reaching Clients Via Search Engine
Do your clients spend just a few hours on social networking sites per week? Find statistics that speak to your target age range and location. If older adults are less likely to immerse themselves on social networking sites throughout the day, they are more likely to find information using search engines.

If you’re looking to boost the number of visitors to your site, the old-fashioned way may be the most effective. A study conducted by Outbrain shows that most traffic comes from search engines, including Google®, Yahoo!®, and Bing®.

Essentially, search engines render instant results while social networking sites require more user engagement and loyalty. In most cases, social media should be treated as a supplement for your company’s marketing strategy.