Anchor Text List Building Made Easy

Anchor text list building is really an important first step for any new SEO project. I usually spend quite a bit of time researching which words (plural) I am going to target initially. Often times, our clients are small to medium sized businesses, and have multiple specialties, and geographic focuses. Having an anchor text list ‘builder’ that can help you build a large anchor text word base initially, will make the work go much easier.

Why Anchor Text List Building Is So Important

anchor text list buildingMost people set out to construct/build a website with the intent of conveying a message. Usually the message is “this is what we do, and where we do it”. Examples could be “emergency dentist st. louis”, or “lawn sprinklers dallas”.

What often happens is that we tend to lose this focus as we write and build the site. When we lose this focus, we are not properly conveying the proper “intent” of our site to Google… and thus you will not rank well for your primary focus. I find in my experience that having this list of anchor texts keeps my writing, and message focused. Having a site focused on your niche, helps establish and build authority quickly.

I can’t even begin to count how many times a day I see sites where the message they are conveying is “Welcome To My Site“. Really?? And they (site owners) wonder why no one can find them in Google!

**IMPORTANT: The anchor texts you define will be used for your page TITLE, META DESCRIPTION, and H1 tags!

Do a search in Google and see how many results are returned for the word “Home“! Almost everyone of these pages did not define their “home” pages TITLE tag using the methods I am describing in this post. You really do not want Google ‘guessing’ what your site is about.

anchor text list building

I first try to identify the whole initial keyword phrase… then we deconstruct. We do this to with the intent to greatly expand on one phrase into many. And if it’s done correctly, each and every phrase will make sense to your sites ‘focus’.

Personal Injury Attorney Woodbridge

-Personal Injury

After that I  take the second piece, and add any other specialties (areas of expertise)….
-Personal Injury
-Auto Accident
-Drug Possession

The third step is to expand on the word “attorney”….

The fourth step is to use a list of “geo modifiers” (locations the business serves). “Woodbridge” is our primary area, but there are several surrounding areas we would want to target in this list.

-Manassas, VA
-Lake Ridge
-Dale City

 Now if you follow the really short video below, you can see what it is I do with the above lists to generate my anchor text list….

And here is the final output…

Personal Injury Attorney Woodbridge
Personal Injury Attorney Manassas, VA
Personal Injury Attorney Lake Ridge
Personal Injury Attorney Lorton
Personal Injury Attorney Occoquan
Personal Injury Attorney Dale City
Personal Injury Attorney Dumfries
Personal Injury Attorney Fairfax
Personal Injury Lawyer Woodbridge
Personal Injury Lawyer Manassas, VA
Personal Injury Lawyer Lake Ridge
Personal Injury Lawyer Lorton
Personal Injury Lawyer Occoquan
Personal Injury Lawyer Dale City
Personal Injury Lawyer Dumfries
Personal Injury Lawyer Fairfax
DUI Attorney Woodbridge
DUI Attorney Manassas, VA
DUI Attorney Lake Ridge
DUI Attorney Lorton
DUI Attorney Occoquan
DUI Attorney Dale City
DUI Attorney Dumfries
DUI Attorney Fairfax
DUI Lawyer Woodbridge
DUI Lawyer Manassas, VA
DUI Lawyer Lake Ridge
DUI Lawyer Lorton
DUI Lawyer Occoquan
DUI Lawyer Dale City
DUI Lawyer Dumfries
DUI Lawyer Fairfax
Auto Accident Attorney Woodbridge
Auto Accident Attorney Manassas, VA
Auto Accident Attorney Lake Ridge
Auto Accident Attorney Lorton
Auto Accident Attorney Occoquan
Auto Accident Attorney Dale City
Auto Accident Attorney Dumfries
Auto Accident Attorney Fairfax
Auto Accident Lawyer Woodbridge
Auto Accident Lawyer Manassas, VA
Auto Accident Lawyer Lake Ridge
Auto Accident Lawyer Lorton
Auto Accident Lawyer Occoquan
Auto Accident Lawyer Dale City
Auto Accident Lawyer Dumfries
Auto Accident Lawyer Fairfax
Drug Possession Attorney Woodbridge
Drug Possession Attorney Manassas, VA
Drug Possession Attorney Lake Ridge
Drug Possession Attorney Lorton
Drug Possession Attorney Occoquan
Drug Possession Attorney Dale City
Drug Possession Attorney Dumfries
Drug Possession Attorney Fairfax
Drug Possession Lawyer Woodbridge
Drug Possession Lawyer Manassas, VA
Drug Possession Lawyer Lake Ridge
Drug Possession Lawyer Lorton
Drug Possession Lawyer Occoquan
Drug Possession Lawyer Dale City
Drug Possession Lawyer Dumfries
Drug Possession Lawyer Fairfax

Save this list as a text file (notepad), for future reference and use with building your project.