Link Building Is Like Being The Nerd back In High School

Link Building – Freshman Year At High School All Over Again

In this post I will attempt to explain why link building is much like your high school experience… is your site a “cool kid”, or one of the “nerds”. How many of my readers remember the 1987 movie, “Can’t Buy Me Love“? Here is a little snippet that really is going to set the tone for what I am about to explain…

In the movie, Ronald (played by Patrick ‘McDreamy’ Dempsey), pays a popular girl, Cindi,  to be his girlfriend. And in a very short amount of time, Ronald is transformed into one of the “cool kids”.

So, what does this have to do with “link building”, or search engine optimization in general? Actually a lot!  It’s a known fact that Google places a large amount of emphasis on “inbound links”. And to define: an inbound link is a link from another website to yours. In my first paragraph above I link to the “Can’t Buy Me Love” movie page on popular movie database site “”. That gives an inbound link from our site,

link building aha momentBy now you maybe asking yourself, “So what?“, and to this I would answer… AHA! Because, if you can get an inbound link from a authoritative (popular kid) to your site (nerdy kid)… your site soon will be popular (with the search engines) too!

This happens because Google looks at inbound links as a “popularity” vote. And whoever has the most votes usually wins! |

Ways To Build Backlinks

Ask for Backlinks! Find another site that has similar/related content to your site. Send an email asking them to place a link from their site to yours, because the content/service you provide would be a good fit for their site/visitors. NOTE: Do NOT do a “link exchange”. This is where you each place a link to each others web site. This practice is frowned upon by Google. Basically, one cancels out the other. Best case… you only want links “inbound” to your site.

Participate For Backlinks! Try to find a website, or forum, or online group (LinkedIn, or Facebook) that you can become active in. Many of these types of sites allow you to promote your own business once you have established yourself in their community. So if you are a plumber, try to find an online plumbing group, and be as active as you can be within that group.

I recently worked with a local moving company, and they were very active in offering good advice on the website ““. As a result, they were able to get many good backlinks from a well respected/authoritative website. In addition, they picked up a  LOT of referral work from this one site.

– Press Release For Backlinks! Submitting a press release in regards to a new product or service or charitable event your company is involved with is worthy of a press release. There are several reputable places you can submit a press release to. and/or are just two of many. These sites will have specific instructions on how to write, and format your press release. BUT…. the key here is that they will allow you to “link” back to your site. These press releases are often picked up for syndication among large news organizations. So in theory, you can ultimately end up with a large amount of good quality backlinks, and additional traffic to your website. These services are not free! But the “return on investment” (ROI) is usually pretty good.

Be A Viral Video Star For Backlinks! Here is your chance for 15 minutes of fame! We all walk around with smart phones in our pockets. Which means we all have a video camera on our person, or very close-by. Whip out that camera and shoot a short video of you “doing your job”. I was working with a local garage door installation company up in Seattle, and he had one of his technicians shoot a minute long video on how to inspect the rails for your garage door. That one video has had over 16,000 views! In this video you are able to ‘watermark’ it with a URL & phone number to your business. You can also place a backlink in the ‘Description’ area of the video. Videos are huge right now… and they rank well in the search engines. This is definitely where the cool kids hang out…. you want to be there to.

Pay for Backlinks! Whoa!!! Yes you read correctly! People still pay for links. As do many large companies. JC Penny, BMW, and many more. Why do they do this? Because it works in helping to establish authority. My best advise is to not go crazy. I personally believe that have a FEW paid links mixed in with all your other links, is not a bad thing. Again… just don’t go crazy buying up links.

There are many more ways to participate in link building for your business. The key is to try to be creative. Think outside the box. In the end it will pay off. Also.. try to keep things “natural”. Going overboard with link building (like too much booze or food) can get you in trouble with the search engines. So keep it steady. Be consistent. Make a commitment. Building links for one week, and then nothing after that is not going to help you.