Use Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Brand Like a Celebrity

Steve MartinWhen Steve Martin joined Twitter in late 2010, he acquired more than 100,000 fans within a week.  Frequent, random posts made by the comedy genius created a new generation of fans, reflected in a Twitter account with more than 3 million followers today.  In fact, his tweets were so popular that they were released as a book in 2012. Social Media Marketing is important!

George Takei is another celebrity enjoying a massive influx of attention since joining Facebook in 2011. Takei began posting videos, photos, and memes on his account several times a day to the sheer delight of fans anxious to engage with Mr. Sulu from Star Trek.

Father of the Bride Knows Best

You may be wondering how the tweets of Steve Martin can help your small business with its social media efforts.  In fact, he can help all of us build our online brand. What can we learn about social media from either one of these celebrities?

  • Always provide unique content. Why would someone follow you on Facebook or Twitter if they could get the same information off your website? By providing unique content that can only be found on your social media sites, you immediately drive fans to your page.
  • Engage with your audience. Conversations that you have with your fans build brand loyalty. Steve Martin, for example, includes fan comments and replies in his social media posts. George Takei does the same, posting pictures on his Facebook page submitted by fans. With this type of engagement, readers will feel more connected to your brand.
  • Give thanks to your followers. Who helped your business get to where it is today? Social media provides small businesses with a public forum where they can thank fans for their continued loyalty.
  • Provide fans with backstage access. Your readers love to hear the inside scoop about what’s going on at your business. Humanize your brand by live-tweeting company events or by posting about the inner workings at your business. Steve Martin has this down to a science. He posts pictures of himself on shopping trips, dining with other celebrities, even pictures of his pets. By making yourself seem more accessible, you’ll humanize your business and appeal to a wider, more diverse audience.

Social Media Marketing

Remember, a social media account is essentially a platform for dialogue between a business and its followers. Think about it like a celebrity. Even though they can’t talk with each fan individually, they still project their personalities so that readers have a better idea of who they are.  Your social media content should give your readers more insight into the personality of your business and start meaningful conversations among your readers.