The Evolving Need for Local Optimization

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During a time when major search engines such as Google are releasing updates to improve the quality of searches, marketers need to explore new and creative efforts to diversify their search strategy. Local directory pages for business, small and large, serve an effective purpose in gaining attention from search engines. Additionally, they help achieve a greater marketing goal by helping to communicate with consumers about a product or service.

Importance of Local Search and Directories

Local Directories are becoming an integral part of our search routine. Whether users are locating a new restaurant nearby with Yelp, or seeking reviews on a company they are considering for home improvement, users are relying on local search to gain information. As a result, companies are finding it imperative to integrate local directory pages for their business into current marketing efforts.

Local search, both mobile and non-mobile, is carrying a larger emphasis on search queries every year. According to Search Engine Land, 43% of overall search volumes on Google have a local purpose attached, while another statistic reads 50% of mobile search carry a local intent. The numbers accurately convey the importance of local search and precisely why businesses need to incorporate local profiles into their strategies. Additionally, there are a wealth of directories for businesses to take advantage of, including, but not limited to: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yelp,, and more.

Understanding How To Optimize for Local Search

Current marketing tactics of successful organizations help us to achieve the overall goal of communication. Local directories will allow business to do the same, with the added benefit of showing up in search engines for local queries. Simply creating a local profile does not reflect the purpose of local profiles. Instead, users and businesses must integrate the following information:

  • Business Name
  • Business Telephone Number
  • Business Address
  • Services Offered
  • Offers and Promotions

According to another article from Search Engine Land, “70% of local consumers have used the internet to find a local business.” Creating and optimizing your profile is the perfect opportunity to convey the details of your business to customers searching for relevant information. Consider optimizing your profile further by adding keywords to your description, selecting business niches, and finally, uploading images, logos, and videos.

Promoting Your Local Campaign

Creating and optimizing social media pages, as well as promoting a company’s local or social page is becoming the norm for businesses today. These methods help direct people in your online community back to your company, boosting your local search efforts as well. Submitting to additional local directories besides Google increases the number of inbound links to your website. In addition to showing up in Yelp and Yahoo! search results, Google will value trusted inbound links from respected directories such as these. Using common social engagement methods such as Twitter and Facebook pages, in addition to keeping up with blogging efforts serve a purpose in creating engagement – ultimately providing customers with information regarding your business and where to find you and your products and services.

Optimizing and putting forth efforts towards a local search campaign is an ideal practice for many small and medium-sized businesses. Not only does it avoid the costs that larger marketing campaigns tend to carry, but it is a manageable practice in terms of effort. Creating a local page with strong elements, as well as promoting your page to your local communities will help you understand and succeed in local search. With such high percentages of people searching for locally targeted products and services, as well as local businesses from mobile devices, focusing on a local search campaign is an effective way to generate leads.